Editing References

David Thomas Roberts, Publisher and Author, Defiance Press, LLC: Defiance Press has hired Janet Musick to provide editing services for our latest three published fiction books, The Fall of the Western Empire, A State of Treason and Patriots of Treason.

We have found Janet’s editing to be of the highest quality, comparable to any editing performed at the larger publishing houses. Unlike a traditional editor, besides the normal spelling and grammatical editing, Janet has a special talent for keeping chronological events in order and assisting with character development and dialogue – areas where many authors make mistakes and typical editors do not add value.

We attribute much of the success of our titles to Janet’s professionalism in helping us produce the quality of titles from a small independent publisher that rivals works from the New York-based publishing houses.

Needless to say, we highly recommend her and her services! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

* * *

Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE WOCN CFCN, Writer and Co-Author of The Real Life Guide to Diabetes: Janet was my first editor when I was living in Columbia, Missouri and started writing for magazines and websites. She has what I’ve learned is a most unusual gift of editing and not losing one’s voice.

I moved to New York City and was invited to write a book with a best-selling author in my field. By this time, I had worked with many editors. I tried several of them for the book, with no success. Since I had been asked to write this book, it was important to hear my voice and my message. I searched the country for an editor who would “get it,” someone who would edit for clarity and consistency, someone who would make my work read and look better while retaining my voice.

After disappointments with editors from New York City to San Francisco, I remembered Janet. I contacted her, and she went right to work with me on my book and other projects. She “got it” on all points, including clarity, consistency, a most honorable work ethic, and yes, she helped me get it done B4Deadline. I highly recommend her. If you want a fabulous editor, hire Janet!

* * *

Gerry McGovern, Author of Content Critical, The Web Content Style Guide, and Killer Content: I found your edit incredibly thorough. I liked the fact that you were watching out for inconsistencies of tense and other issues. I didn’t know I wrote so many “that’s!” It was great the way you pointed out when the text was not active enough. Stripping away all these little redundant words makes the text much more punchy. It was certainly the most thorough and useful edit I’ve received so far.

* * *

Marilyn Meredith, Author, Fringe Benefits and Smell of Death: As an author who has had two manuscripts edited by Janet Musick, I highly recommend her as an editor. Besides picking up on the usual things, she has a good sense of what makes improvements in the story.

* * *

Tom Waid, the Waid Group: On behalf of the author, Father Romano Zago, I am writing to express his gratitude to you for being the key partner in the English publication of his two books Cancer Can Be Cured and Aloe Isn’t medicine and Yet… It Cures. They are a stupendous success and you deserve the credit for your editing and manuscript development services.

The manuscripts for these two books were given to you after being translated from Portuguese to Italian to English. After going through all these translations, the European English needed a lot of structural and grammatical improvement to make it suitable for publishing in North America. Thanks to your proofreading skills and technical review skills for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, these books are a work of perfection. And that is because you are a perfectionist! Not many editors would put in the time and effort you did to research all the scientific terms for accuracy and then compile such an excellent glossary. The scientific bibliography for each book took a lot of patience and persistence on your part to make it professionally accurate after all the additions and revisions it passed through.

These books on the secret of an amazing Brazilian recipe for supreme immune health are companion books you have made very distinctive and easy to read in your selection of the font, Palatino Linotype. The typesetting and layout tie these two books together beautifully. A special thanks of gratitude also goes to your assistant editor Cathy Musick for her sharp proofreading and editing skills that helped make valuable corrections to these two manuscripts.

Your graphic design group did a magnificent job in formatting the interior layout with headers, artwork, etc. Then she created a stunning cover for each book using the author’s original graphic arts.

Father Romano Zago is so pleased you were found through the professional referral list published by Lightning Source, Inc. Thank you for exceeding all his expectations.

* * *

Mary Kim Schreck, Author/Poet, Pulse of the Seasons, The Red Desk, Crystal Doorknobs: In regard to the working relationship I have had these past five years with Janet Musick as author to editor, I have seen firsthand her ability to envision the entire end product long before it becomes visible to others. I have found Janet to have a positive ear for the rhythm and flow of language, nuances of speech patterns; and to possess the rapport necessary to work with an author in order to bring out the best without imposing too much personal taste.

Janet makes an author’s writing say what that author had intended initially but with more elegance and flow. She always makes herself available and gives generously of her time while focusing on an author’s wishes and questions. She always seems to be able to make an author feel that his or her work is of top priority. No question or request is ever treated as too small or insignificant for her to take into consideration. Not only respect for the author’s vision, but the expertise to see that the product leaves her desk as flawlessly as possible are predominant traits in Janet’s approach to her position as editor. She realizes that the reputation of both author and editor are enhanced rather than diminished by public scrutiny and is driven to offer quality material to the public.

I have found Janet to possess the right disposition and skill base to put authors at ease and confident that their works are in professional hands over these past years. My experience has been with the publication of three books of poetry that have sold over 2200 copies –not bad for poetry! I have a fourth book in the planning stages and work has begun on the cover design.

As you can tell by the tone of this letter, I have nothing but the highest regard for the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm that Janet has always provided me.

* * *

Barri L. Bumgarner, Author/Instructor, 8 Days, Slipping, Dregs: Janet Musick’s editing has not only helped me understand the value of revision, but she’s truly made me a better writer. Her thoroughness when she edits both for content and for grammar is more comprehensive than any I’ve received as a writer.

I highly recommend her in both capacities of editing. She has been invaluable in spotting inconsistencies in plot, character development, and general fluency of story, as well as being a stickler for all aspects of line-by-line editing. Her skills are both comprehensive and constructive, and any work that has been through her microscope will be much better as a result.

* * *

Bob Irish, Author, Welcome to the Real World: I am writing to detail the quality of publishing services that I received from Janet Musick. I am a first-time amateur author. When I first met Janet, we started talking about my “book.” At the time it was a pipe dream of mine to become a published author. As Janet and I continued talking, she provided the necessary encouragement for me to let her review my manuscript.

Then the process started. Janet edited the entire manuscript, provided valuable feedback, arranged for a designer to add the necessary professional look to the book’s pages, hired a designer to incorporate the cover and bring it to life, and contracted with a printer that prints copies of my book on demand. After the hard part was done, Janet obtained an ISBN number for my publication, got it listed on Amazon.com and the Barnes and Noble web site.

Then she handed me the first copy of MY book. Through Janet’s professional, no-nonsense approach to publishing a book, my pipe dream became a reality! She made it easy, cost-effective and seemingly painless. I would use Janet’s expertise again without hesitation, and recommend that others with editing and publishing needs do the same.

* * *

Kathrine Smith, Author, Departed Acts: Ms. Musick is a talented, discerning editor with a knack for allowing the author’s voice to shine. I very much enjoy her professionalism and it is a pleasure to work with her in every way.

* * *

Marilyn Kapp, Senior Editor, General Fiction, Wings ePress, Inc.: I have known Janet Musick for a number of years. We worked together in the publishing business. Ms. Musick is an excellent editor and has a great rapport with people. I highly recommend her for any endeavor along these lines.

* * *

Tony Ruggiero, Author, Team of Darkness: Scribes World Reviewers Choice Award; Get Out of My Mind; Mind Trap: 2003 EPPIE Finalist; and Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply: I enjoyed having Janet edit my book because she “guided” me through the edit. She was not overpowering or demanding that I make a change; rather, she was suggestive of things that would help the story along besides just looking at the structure and mechanics of the grammar. It was a pleasure working with her and I would not hesitate to use her services again.

* * *

Chevon Gael, Author, The Rougemont Legacy: I feel Janet’s keen insight and instinctive editorial knowledge have benefited me greatly. Janet pays personal attention to every manuscript. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

* * *